Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's been awhile

Some time has passed since I last posted to this Blog Spot. I've been busy trying to collect information and evidence that will bring Bernadine Dorhn and her husband, Billy Ayers, to justice for the murder of Brian McDonnell in the bombing of the Park Police Station. Things proceed slowly but are moving in the direction of justice and hopefully we will see some activity before the end of this year.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Bernadine in jail for murder before Christmas? It just might happen as old evidence is looked at in light of the technology of today. DNA didn't exist in 1970 but the hair found in the bomb remnants appears to be viable. Hope you didn't leave anything behind Bernadine!

I have also been watching this new issue of building a mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero. Political correctness is killing our country and trying to somehow permit a “cordoba” center to be built in the name of reconciliation is insanity. I just keep reminding myself that this is the religion that wants “sharia” law to become the law of our country? This is the law that allows a woman to be stoned to death because two men accuse her of adultery! That runs a truck over the arm of an eight year old boy for stealing?

Any way, keep in touch as this blog is going to have more and more activity in the future. I will gather other witings and writers and post them for you to review and comment on. I want to hear what you think even if you disagree.


Anonymous said...

I created this video as a message to Dohrn. Thank you for your efforts and you have my 100% support. Give em' Hell!

Anonymous said...

I support your efforts for Brian McDonnell. Go get those commie traitors!
This is my video I created: