Friday, May 18, 2012

Dream from My Real Father Directed by Joel Gilbert

I watched a video that I believe everyone should be aware of not only for the historical information it contains regarding our President but for the obvious affect these past events have had on Obama’s view of America and American exceptionalism.

The film is titled Dreams from My REAL Father and as the title implies the director feels that there is a legitimate question regarding who Obama’s farther really is. More importantly, in my opinion, is the associations brought to light in the early developmental years of our President. There appears that there was an association between the Ayers family while Barack was a “foreign exchange” student being supported by Bill Ayers parents. This certainly debunks the claim by both Bill Ayers and Barack Obama that they hardly new each other. This video has many more moments of enlightenment as to the Presidents radical leftist politics and manages to shed some light on Michelle’s negative attitude towards her country.

You really have to see this video from beginning to end and allow your own feelings and beliefs develop from what you see and hear. You can obtain “Dreams from My Real Father” from Joel Gilbert on line at:

Official Film Website:

Press Page:

Watch it and let me know what you think.

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Arizona Patriot said...

The man (Joel Gilbert) that did the movie (Dreams Of My Real Father) that we know damn well Obama paid to have it done to make the sheep believe he is "Natural Born" is this man who did this!