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Remarks made at the America's Survival Conference

White Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Weather Underground, Barack Obama, and the Fundamental Transformation of the United States • Remarks to America’s Survival, Inc. July 19, 2012, conference By Larry Grathwohl On September 11, 2010, Cliff and I sat down with former FBI Weatherman Task Force supervisor Max Noel for a series of interviews. Max told us that the FBI had a CARL test when it conducted background checks on people. CARL stood for Character, Associates, Reputation, and Loyalty. On all four points, Barack Obama fails. Like so many former FBI and law enforcement agents and officials, he was alarmed by the fact that someone like Barack Obama could attain the presidency. Since there was no vetting four years ago, let the vetting begin today. I am in a unique position to know Barack Obama’s associates. I worked with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the Weather Underground as an informant for the FBI. I never heard of Obama during my time in the movement, although I understand Joel Gilbert has developed information that Obama was active with a Weather Underground support group, the May 19th Communist Organization, in New York. That does not surprise me. Obama has associated with communists all of his life, from Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii to Alice Palmer, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn in Chicago. This is a pattern of associations that should have disqualified him from the presidency. After I left the Weather Underground and testified against Ayers and Dohrn for their involvement in a murder plot that killed Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell, they surfaced in Chicago helping Obama launch his political career. Like true communists, who have been manipulating black Americans since shortly after the Russian revolution, Ayers and Dohrn would have seen revolutionary potential in Obama. He was, in the words of communist operative Frank Chapman, a “revolutionary mole.” Perhaps that term was meant to be more than a figure of speech. You see, Obama was a different kind of Democrat – one that would work with the communists. He and Danny K. Davis, his old friend and current Congressman from Chicago, were “New Party” Democrats, working to take over the Democratic Party from within. That is how Frank Marshall Davis worked in Hawaii to take over the NAACP and the Democratic Party. These are the tactics of infiltration now being practiced in a different way by the Muslim Brotherhood and its front organizations. As Trevor points out in his report, that activity in Chicago included working with Alice Palmer, a communist agent with close ties to the old Soviet Union and its international front organizations. Look, folks, this is no accident. Many do not seem to understand the revolutionary warfare that engulfs our country at the present time. It is time to get educated – and quickly. Essentially, nothing has changed since the days I was reporting to the FBI. The communists are working with the Arab and Muslim terrorists against the United States. I remember one meeting when our Weatherman “collective” brought up the subject of the Kennedy assassinations. At least 20 to 25 people were present and Bill Ayers was one of them. I heard Bill state that the murders of both John F. Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy were a good thing because liberals compromise the conflict between U.S. imperialism and the socialist revolution. Liberals prevent the contradictions from becoming obvious and thus prevent a revolution. Therefore, the assassinations of the Kennedys were to be welcomed as a necessary advance on the road to communist world revolution. This gives you some idea as to why the political statement of the Weather Underground, "Prairie Fire," was dedicated to a number of people, including Sirhan Sirhan, who killed Robert Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian Marxist terrorist who had been associated with the Communist Party USA. The CPUSA was also involved with the Weathermen. Note that Sirhan Sirhan was from the Middle East while Lee Harvey Oswald was Caucasian and from Texas. I believe that’s why Oswald’s name wasn't included in the dedication for Prairie Fire. You see, white people were not “oppressed people.” Arab terrorists, representing the “oppressed people” of the Middle East, were allies of the communists from the get-go. And they still are today. It is possible, of course, that Bill knew something about Oswald that was not acknowledged back then – or even today by many people. And that is that he was a Marxist with a love for the Soviet Union and Cuba who had contacts with intelligence officers from both countries. Oswald had been active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Bill and Bernardine certainly had contacts with Castro’s intelligence service, the DGI.Then, and now, the DGI runs a “travel service” to Cuba. Then it was known as the Venceremos Brigades. The nature of the communist conspiracy is such that we don’t know precisely who knows what. Who was in on the secret about Oswald and Sirhan? By the same token, who was in on the secret about Obama? Why was the identity of “Frank” in Obama’s book revealed when communist writer Gerald Horne spilled the beans back in 2007? What was he thinking? Ladies and gentlemen, these are operations that involve foreign intelligence services hostile to the United States and which are prepared to use any tactics, up to and including political assassination, to carry out their plans. They have not gone away. I look back on those comments by Bill on the Kennedy murders and it helps me understand certain things about the communist conspiracy that continues to target the United States. Blacks can be used for the revolution, but they can be sacrificed as part of the revolution as well. Indeed, like the Muslims, they are cannon fodder for the revolution. Cliff has distributed material from Communist defector Ion Mihai Pacepa, who has written extensively about Lee Harvey Oswald’s role as a KGB agent. There is a new book out by former CIA officer Brian Latell which examines a Cuban communist role in the murder of JFK. That is not surprising; the KGB and DGI worked closely together. We know from intelligence documents that the KGB took an active interest in the Weathermen, and that Kathy Boudin actually traveled to the old Soviet Union. Her father, Leonard Boudin, was a member of the Communist Party and registered Cuban agent. One document states, “A person known by the FBI to be maintaining a covert relationship with the Soviet Intelligence Service (SIS) was active in the SDS in 1969. This person acted as a spotter for SIS. An influential figure in this person’s life was a former CPUSA member who also maintained a similar covert relationship with SIS.” In regard to the killing of Robert Kennedy, Pacepa tells us that he is intrigued by the part of Sirhan Sirhan’s diary in which he professes his love for communism and states that the U.S. "decline" began on November 23, 1963 -- -he day after JFK was killed by Oswald. The murder of the Kennedys certainly spelled the virtual end of the day when anti-communist liberals were dominant in the Democratic Party. Obama is that “new breed” of Democrat. From the start, it was clear to me that the communists were always looking for a black figurehead to do their bidding. As you may know, Bill and Bernardine wrote a book in 2009 titled “Race Couse Against White Supremacy.” They see Obama as a tool, a puppet, against white America, which is the evil villain. The “publisher’s statement in the book says: Our work, the work of Ayers and Dohrn and tens of millions of others made it possible for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to run for the Presidency. And President Obama’s successful campaign started on the streets of Chicago. One of Bernardine’s chapters in “Race Course Against White Supremacy” is titled “The Modern Slave Ship.” It is almost entirely about her experiences when she went to jail for refusing to provide an example of her handwriting to a grand jury that was investigating a Brinks armored car robbery that resulted in the deaths of one guard and two police officers. Bernardine was suspected of supplying the false identification for the individuals involved in this robbery, which was a combined operation by members of the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground. Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert were the Weathermen who were sent to prison, which resulted in their son Chesa being adopted and raised by Bernardine and Bill. Ayers and Dohrn named their other children in honor of a Black Panther and Malcolm X. But one of the officers killed in that Brinks robbery, Waverly Brown, was black. Let me give you some background on their campaign against white supremacy. In the summer of 1969 Bernardine Dohrn and several other members of the Weatherman faction of the SDS returned to Canada after having traveled to Cuba to meet with the North Vietnamese and the Cuban DGI. During the meetings with the North Vietnamese and the Cubans, Bernardine and her associates were strongly criticized for what was presented to them as "white skin privilege." They were also told that they were not truly revolutionaries as they had not made a total commitment to forming a viable underground which could carry out strategic sabotage. Additionally, they were referred to as "white skinned intellectuals" that were playing at revolution. To a significant degree this was true, as most of the members of the Weathermen came from upper-middle-class or upper-class backgrounds and had attended some of the best universities in the country. In order to correct this problem the Weathermen needed to recruit working class people, Vietnam veterans, gang members and other streetwise individuals who would have some experience in fighting, placing bombs and otherwise living on the outside of the law. This issue of "white skin privilege" would come up time and again and I could see the frustration that it created and how the need would develop to overcome this obstacle at any cost. At one point I asked, during one of our “criticism sessions,” why we didn't recruit or make any efforts to recruit African-Americans or Latinos. Weatherman doctrine held that minorities inside the United States were actually a colonized people and therefore could fight a war of liberation while we, as white Americans, were part of US imperialism or at least profited from US imperialism. My own beliefs, at the time, were that the leadership of the Weathermen felt that they would no longer be able to maintain absolute control of the organization if minorities were allowed to join. I think the weatherman leadership felt threatened and inadequate to maintain their positions. One of my assignments was Detroit, Michigan, and I arrived there in late January of 1970. Shortly after my arrival I was assigned to a cell with four other people and during the meeting with Bill Ayers we were told that our objective would be to place bombs at the Detroit Police Officers Association (DPOA Building) and at the 13th precinct. Furthermore Bill instructed us to determine the best time to place these explosive devices that would result in the greatest number of deaths and injuries. He also directed that the bombs should be set to go off at the same time. While we were gathering information regarding these two targets I noted that the DPOA building was a converted single-family brownstone that had been built prior to World War II. A walkway along the side of the building went from the main street to an alley in the back. Next to the DPOA building there was a red barn restaurant which was a new structure designed as a fast food outlet. This location was in a predominantly black neighborhood which meant that most of the customers in this red barn restaurant were black. After a week of information gathering we had another meeting with Bill Ayers and at this time I suggested to Bill that if we placed the bomb in the walkway between these two buildings the DPOA building would suffer little if any damage while the red barn restaurant would most likely be destroyed. I also concluded that customers in that restaurant would die. Bill Ayers responded by telling me, "sometimes innocent people have to die in a revolution." I was shocked. I couldn't believe that a person who had so eloquently spoke of the black liberation movement could be so callous when it was obvious that the resulting explosion would kill many of the people he claimed to be so concerned about. But this is a lesson to be learned – blacks are not to be liberated, but exploited, even killed, on the road to liberation. In the communist view, even Obama will be sacrificed if he is perceived to be standing in the way of the fundamental transformation of the United States that he himself promised and which he is supposed to bring about.

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Interview Jim Pera & I did with The Hagmann's

Jim Pera has written a fictional book titled, "The Rampage of Ryan O'Hara".  It's a great read and I recommend it.  The web site is as follows:

This interview is available in archives at the following link:

This is the full interview that Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground, and I, Jim Pera, had last night.

Much of the material that we discuss served as inspiration for my recently published book, "The Rampage of Ryan O'Hara, B007DMGEQ2

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Dream from My Real Father Directed by Joel Gilbert

I watched a video that I believe everyone should be aware of not only for the historical information it contains regarding our President but for the obvious affect these past events have had on Obama’s view of America and American exceptionalism.

The film is titled Dreams from My REAL Father and as the title implies the director feels that there is a legitimate question regarding who Obama’s farther really is. More importantly, in my opinion, is the associations brought to light in the early developmental years of our President. There appears that there was an association between the Ayers family while Barack was a “foreign exchange” student being supported by Bill Ayers parents. This certainly debunks the claim by both Bill Ayers and Barack Obama that they hardly new each other. This video has many more moments of enlightenment as to the Presidents radical leftist politics and manages to shed some light on Michelle’s negative attitude towards her country.

You really have to see this video from beginning to end and allow your own feelings and beliefs develop from what you see and hear. You can obtain “Dreams from My Real Father” from Joel Gilbert on line at:

Official Film Website:

Press Page:

Watch it and let me know what you think.


Check it out.  I will be appearing and encourage all who can to attend.  In addition to addressing a pressing social issue (getting as many of us as possible registered to donate bone marrow) it's a political event to express our conservative views as part of the TEA PARTY.  The link below will get you all the information you need.

Interview by Jim Pera & myself w/ Joe & Dave Hagmann

April 26, 2012: Larry Grathwohl interview / Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Interview with author Jim Pera, 23 April 2012 Weather Underground

Article on our site about the interview

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The story that follows was written by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton and deals with Robert Redfords Cuban connection which predates his involvement with the movie "The Company You Keep". Redford and his Sundance organization have been closely associated with George Soros for quite some time now and their combined projects are always left leaning anti US. Please read below;


by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

Some time ago Hollywood luminary Robert Redford was asked about the Cuban regime and he said something to the effect that he didn't care about Castro's politics. To the victims, that's like saying that you don't care about Hitler or Stalin's crimes.

After his 1988 visit to Cuba, Redford was interrogated by U.S. Treasury Department agents. At that time it was said that he went to scuba dive with his friend, Fidel Castro.

In letters from a former admirer of Redford in Cuba dated 1987, 1990 and 1991, I see the rage progression against Redford for his friendliness toward Castro and insensitivity of the suffering of the Cuban people.

Many are baffled and disappointed that despite his long-time connections with Cuba, he has failed to acknowledge the obvious. He seems content to take from Cuba and his relations with Castro just what is beneficial to his career and personal enjoyment. Which Castro obviously finds beneficial to his personal goals as well. Mr. Redford has yet to publicly recognize his error, apologize for offending Cubans, denounce or even express dissatisfaction with any aspect of Castro's criminal regime.

If he ever did, I hope he won’t try to use that tired, old “art is separate from politics”, which Castro himself obliterated long ago with one of his mantras: “Within the Revolution, everything, against the Revolution, nothing!”

Redford has traveled to Cuba as Castro's guest for many years. As a foreigner he has privileges denied to ordinary Cuban citizens for decades. He has stayed in "elite only" Fifth Avenue in Miramar, in a luxury house next to the mansion Castro gave to Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an infamous-to-Cubans collaborator. For Garcia Marquez's services, Castro lavishes him with maids and a black Mercedes-Benz 280 similar to the one Castro uses. Garcia Marquez founded a film school near Havana where Redford has taught.

As in the regimes of Hitler and Stalin, all independent artists in Cuba who refuse to comply with Castro's cultural policies are imprisoned or confined to psychiatric wards. Redford, billed as a "key supporter of independent filmmaking," fails to see that there is no independent film making in Cuba except that which protects Castro's image and policies.

Take the film “Strawberry and Chocolate,” which Redford distributed and promoted in the U.S. some years ago. Curiously, its promotion ads failed to mention that it was a Cuban film in Spanish. Not so curiously, the film gives the false impression that persecution of homosexuals in Cuba has been reduced.

For years, Redford's films have been shown in Cuban theaters and on TV (most of the time raping the artistic creation by cutting off parts deemed dangerous to Castro’s regime), however, Castro doesn't pay copyright fees and greedy but left-wing Hollywood doesn’t complain about it. Why is it acceptable to Redford for Castro to cut his films?

Redford and his Sundance Institute have been an item in the annual Havana film festival for years. On December 1997, he was the announced head of the Hollywood delegation, though he didn't show up. Instead, he sent Hollywood director John Sayles to represent his institute and bring his warm regards to the regime along with the film “Lone Star.”

In the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Redford, who is the executive producer, exhibited Walter Salles’ film “The Motorcycle Diaries.” It is based on the personal diary of another notorious criminal in the history of Castro’s revolution, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, when he was 23 years old and traveling through South America by motorcycle.

Lets not overlook that it was Che, in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Cuba, years before Castro took over the country in 1959, who revealed his fascination with cruelty by asking to be the executioner who kept the troops in line.

At the onset of the revolution on January 1, 1959, Castro appointed Che in charge of La Cabana fortress in Havana. There, execution squads flourished under Che’s command, assassinating in mass, those perceived as enemies of the revolution.

Che ordered that women and children visiting his prisoners be paraded in front of the execution wall, gruesomely stained with blood and brain parts. All of this was well publicized in Cuba in order to spread fear throughout the population. The surviving ex-prisoners of the infamous La Cabana fortress remember Che as a “mass murderer.” Inexplicably, he is now a hero and an icon in the eyes of the American left.

Paradoxically, Castro, a darling of Hollywood and the American left, wanted to get rid of Che all along and in 1965 he sent him to “liberate” Africa, but he failed to do so and he secretly returned to Cuba and was kept out of the limelight.

To prevent Che from becoming a distraction to Castro’s own popularity, he needed to get rid of him, though with great care, but all of his attempts to get Che involved in international wars of “liberation” and get him killed and converted into a martyr had failed.

Finally he sent him to Bolivia where, denounced by the peasants and Indians in the region (who never supported his intrusion), Che and his guerrillas were finally apprehended by the Bolivian army on October 7, 1967. As we all know Che was executed and Castro at last had converted his potential distraction to the martyr of the revolution he was longing for. His amputated hand is proudly displayed in the Museum of the Revolution in Havana.

Out of Castro’s way, the cruel and inept Che could be heralded now as a big hero. Finally, Castro was free to create an international legendary myth. Che’s image flooded Cuba and posters began to appear in the domain of the academic left: colleges and universities of the U.S. and the free world in order to attract the romantics and uninformed. As with much communist misinformation, it worked! We still have fools displaying posters and wearing Che junk. All highly offensive to Cubans, but who cares about their feelings?

And now Robert Redford, always loyal to Castro and the false icons of his revolution, is running to Havana with a copy of his newly released film about Che, the wonderful role model to show it to his widow, Aleida March, so she can “enjoy” his posthumous tribute to a criminal.

Redford, called a "champion of environmental causes," closes his eyes when dealing with Castro who created the Che Guevara Brigade, which used military tanks, heavy chains and explosives to raze entire forests across Cuba. Millions of trees and species of animals dependent upon their shelter have become extinct due to Castro's whims. Caves have been transformed into army depots, filled with arms, explosives and chemical products, thereby altering their natural ecosystems to the detriment of their flora and fauna.

Dead livestock, agricultural and industrial wastes and other dangerous pollutants are routinely dumped into caves, sinkholes, rivers and the sea. Havana harbor is heavily polluted by oil, as are other beaches nearby and parts of the “foreigners only” Varadero beach resort. The constant, pungent stench of oil and sulfur permeates the entire area. Ordinary citizens suffer from all kinds of respiratory and cancerous diseases as a result of Castro's environmental disregard. Castro, his elite and foreigners like Redford are kept in exclusive areas far removed from danger.

Cubans are not denying Redford's artistic talent. The issue is his moral judgment in relation to a regime they know profoundly well.

And when the Castro nightmare is finally over, Cubans, just as the Jews, will build their Holocaust Museum for others to see and to assure that no other Castros will rise again. In the museum's Hall of Collaborators, among others, there will be a special place for Robert Redford.

© ABIP 2004

Agustin Blazquez, producer/director of the documentaries

COVERING CUBA, CUBA: The Pearl of the Antilles, COVERING CUBA 2: The Next Generation, COVERING CUBA 3: Elian presented at the 2003 Miami Latin Film Festival and the 2004 American Film Renaissance Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, COVERING CUBA 4: The Rats Below, Dan Rather “60 Minutes” an inside view, COVERING CUBA 5: Act Of Repudiation, COVERING CUBA 6: CURACAO, COVERING CUBA 7, CHE: THE OTHER SIDE OF AN ICON (available at and ARTS & POLITICS 1: my decision (COMING SOON!).
previews at:


Author with Carlos Wotzkow of the book COVERING AND DISCOVERING and translator with Jaums Sutton of the book by Luis Grave de Peralta Morell THE MAFIA OF HAVANA: The Cuban Cosa Nostra.

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The Soros Files Web Site

This link contains information regarding the various left wing groups George Soros supports through donations and in other ways.