Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prairie Fire

In 1974 the Weather Underground published a book titled "Prairie Fire". "Prairie Fire" was a document that outlined their political ideology. Now what makes "Prairie Fire" interesting and relevant today is that Bill Ayers, the self-proclaimed anti-war activist, would sign his name (actually he signed it Billy Ayers) to a document dedicated to, among other people, Sirhan Sirhan. For those of you who do not recall, Sirhan Sirhan was the man who murdered Robert Kennedy.

Robert Kennedy was a great man who took a courageous stand against the war. Now he was truly an anti-war activist (unlike Billy). How can you possibly claim to be anti-war and dedicate your philosophy to Sirhan Sirhan?
For those who doubt my accuracy, here are two of the initial pages of "Prairie Fire". Look at the second page on line 13 (in the middle) and you will see Sirhan Sirhan. Need I say more?

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