Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Real Agenda

In his various attempts to claim some form of moral high ground, Bill Ayers asserts that he was not a terrorist, but an anti-Viet Nam war activist. Well, all I have to say is read "Prairie Fire: The Politics Of Revoultionary Anti-Imperialism". "Prairie Fire"is the written political policy statement of the Weather Underground. If the point of the Weather Underground was to stop the war, then why is so little time spent on the topic? In the entire first chapter (24 pages), Viet Nam is only mentioned 4 times. But to hear Bill tell it, Viet Nam was the whole point.

The reality is that the Weather Underground was not about Viet Nam at all. Viet Nam was merely a tool to accomplish the real goal: the violent overthrow and destruction of the United States. If you read "Prairie Fire" that point is spelled out. Page 24 in the first chapter makes it clear. "Our final goal is the destruction of imperialism, the seizure of power, and the creation of socialism". Later on the same page, "The Vietnamese struggle provides a strategic model: as the anti-colonial liberation movement advanced, contradictions within the US heightened, creating more favorable conditions for revolutionary organizing and action".

The reality is that the Weather Underground was engaged in a cynical scam. Viet Nam was nothing more to them than a tool to drive revolutionary organizing. Now Bill Ayers is attempting to reprise the cynical ploy by portraying himself as an anti-war hero. Don't fall for it, it's complete spin.

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