Friday, December 12, 2008

Not A Terrorist?

In his interview on GMA Bill Ayers made the statement that despite his involvement in bombings and other forms of mayhem he was not a terrorist. The interviewer seemed incredulous at the statement. In "Prairie Fire", on pages 4 and 5, the Weather Underground lists the various bombings for which they claimed responsibility. See below to see the list. By their own count they list 17 bombings from 1969 until 1974, plus various draft center and ROTC offices that they do not list explicitly. That's at least 17 bombings they claim responsibility for, not to mention other bombings, such as the one that killed Officer McDonnell, where they are alleged to be responsible.

Of course, it doesn't stop there. Let's not forget about street violence (theDays Of Rage), their support for groups such as the Symbionese Liberation Army (kidnapping, bank robbery, murder), and their glorification of murder by the Manson family. By any objective measure, devotion to violent means on this scale can only be described as terrorism.

With such a resume, the scariest thing of all is that Bill Ayers can go on national TV and look into the camera and claim that he was not a terrorist. One can only speculate as what kind of moral relativism will allow someone justify this culture of violence.

It's stunning how Bill and his apologists just refuse to see it. The problem is these tactics can get co-opted by any group in the political spectrum. It starts with a bunch of guys sitting around a beer hall in Munich talking politics. Next thing you know they try a half-baked coup, and get busted. When they get out they figure "we didn't do enough". They resort to more and more thug tactics. Then they get matching brown shirts. And before you know it, the Jews are getting tossed in the oven.

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Ken said...

I am the grandson of Brian Mcdonnell. He was killed before I was born. My grandmother passed away in 1996, never knowing the true identity of his killer. We will finally have some closure if his true killer comes to justice.